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Finding Balance: A Reflection on Yoga and Mid-Life Renewal

A month ago, I embarked on a transformative voyage into the depths of yoga teacher training. This was more than an educational pursuit; it was a journey to explore the intricacies of my being. Stepping away from my familiar roles, I delved deeper, seeking a balance between my outer world and inner self. And as I emerged, I wasn’t merely equipped to guide others; I had gained insights that reshaped my understanding of life.

Each morning as we wake, our thoughts often sprint ahead, sometimes even before the world outside has fully awoken. But through yoga, I learned the value of pausing, beginning my day with sensation rather than cognition. As I stretched, every pull and release seemed to echo life’s own rhythm. Stretching, I realized, wasn’t just about physical flexibility—it was about creating space. Space within our bodies, our thoughts, and our spirits, offering an opportunity to release, breathe, and expand.

During this period of introspection, I discovered an empowering truth: We have the choice to define or to remain undefined. Like the vast sky above, unhindered by the clouds passing through, we can rise above our self-imposed limitations. To truly connect with the world and ourselves, we must strip away the burdensome layers of ego and release the unhelpful habits that shackle us.

"Surrender" was a term I had misinterpreted for so long. It’s not about admitting defeat; it’s about acceptance, trust, and moving in harmony with life's ebb and flow. Grounding ourselves, then lifting our spirits, reaching endlessly skyward.

Life often beckons us with its simplicity, even as we weave intricate patterns in our quest for answers. Yoga illuminated the wisdom in occasionally letting oneself wander, to experience the unfamiliar and find enlightenment in unexpected corners. The journey involves practice, adjustments, and perseverance.

The symbiotic relationship between posture, breath, and mind became profoundly evident. A hunched back could hinder breath, leading to a clouded mind. In contrast, a lengthened posture facilitates deeper breaths, bringing forth mental clarity. Central to this harmony is the principle of Ahimsa, or non-violence, extending beyond mere actions to our very thoughts and reminding us that genuine healing originates from within.

Yoga, akin to life, emphasizes the significance of foundations. The initial positioning determines the outcome. Effort should be free from strain, and when this equilibrium is achieved, we can transform our experiences, letting go of outdated narratives.

To all reading this: Everything you aspire to, all that you dream of - you already possess it. You simply need a moment of introspection to realize it. Be open, be receptive, and embark on this internal voyage. Whenever the weight of existence feels overwhelming, find solace in the rhythm of your breath. It's in this vital connection between mind and body that we unearth the fortitude to evolve, envision, and rejuvenate.

With heartfelt gratitude, I extend my thanks to my fellow yogi teachers (Ange, Sophie, Katherine, Adele, Jay, Juliette, Sally and Julie - and the esteemed yogi masters, Joleen Lunjew and Stephen Hall. 🙏🌼

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