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"I have suffered a lack of confidence for years. Eve’s helped me overcome the fear of public speaking. She made me discover skills I never knew I had. Eve's approach felt natural and safe. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants not just help with specific conditions but broader, confidence building strategies as well." 

Sarah, Auckland NZ

"I was struggling with motivation and procrastination around important work and study commitments when I had my first hypnotherapy and coaching session at School of Confidence. Eve’s skilled, practical approach coupled with her profound passion for what she does so well - building confidence and inspiring positive change in others - really shone through and resonated with me. My lightbulb moment came with a guided shift in attitude around what success looks like to me. Eve masterfully drew my fixed focus away from a need for immediate and perfect outcomes in favour of small “one percent” course adjustments and an acceptance of excellence in place of perfection. These corrections not only grew my confidence in my ability to make progress, they also provided me with a new perspective on enjoying the journey and have led to a massive boost in my motivation and productivity. Thank you Eve!"

John, Hamilton NZ

"Eve created a safe space during our session for me to explore old thoughts and feelings that have been limiting my self-confidence and progression. She very quickly put me at ease through her gentle approach, guiding me through fun visualizations with positive and focused suggestions. Eve is incredibly empathetic, and a great listener. Highly recommended, thank you."

Victoria, Auckland NZ

"I went to see Eve because I had issues with my body image and a lack of self love and confidence. Eve helped me so much, not just with hypnotherapy, her NLP works wonders and I still use the techniques to help me with other issues today. I feel so much more relaxed about myself which has had great flow on affects to other areas of my life such as performance at work. She really helped me reframe my thinking and is just so calming and caring. I highly recommend her!"

Rachel, Auckland NZ

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