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Sandy Beach

Hypnotherapy Treatments

Confidence building

Everyone has the power to improve their self-confidence and I can help you improve yours so you can achieve your goals and stop undermining your happiness.

Self motivation

Lack of motivation is sometimes all that stands in the way of reaching your potential. Let's get yourself back on tracks.

Overcoming depression

No two people are affected by depression the same way. My effective techniques help manage the circumstances that are unique to you with sensitivity and care.

Fear of public speaking

The number one fear listed by most people is public speaking. Hypnosis is a great tool to give you the confidence you need to perform well and also enjoy the experience.

Sleep disorders

High-quality sleep is one of the most important elements of good health. It provides the opportunity for the body to repair itself and the mind to process issues.


A severe phobia can feel untreatable for the sufferer, but hypnotherapy is so effective at treating phobias that clients often see results after just one or two sessions.

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Stress Management

If dealing with life’s obstacles has become too much, and you or your child feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, now is the perfect time to seek help for stress management.


Anxiety is a chronic level of fear, worry, nervousness and stress. I can help you manage this debilitating condition that can have a significant impact on your life.


A loving perspective on 'difficult' children. Hypnotherapy can re-write the fearful and self-sabotaging scripts that sit deep in the unconscious mind, enabling you to construct healthier patterns of thought and behavior. 

Anger Management

Always flying off the handle and then regretting it afterwards? Hypnotherapy can help. 

Weight loss

The issue of trying to lose weight – and failing over and over again – is something that affects many of us and one that can be incredibly distressing.

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